Tradition & renewal.

The idea for Dellenkilten (The Dellen Kilt) was conceived at Delsbostämman, the annual local folk music festival, in Delsbo 2011.

A Swedish tartan with inspiration from the beautiful colours of Delsbodräkten, the traditional costume of the area. In consultation with the local tailor and the chairman of the Delsbo Homebuilding Association, I set out to create a tartan with roots deep in the ground and history of Helsingland. Named after the Dellen lake system, consisting of Northern and Southern Dellen, the Dellen tartan was officially registered in The Scottish Register of Tartans in May 2015 with the first Dellenkilten produced that summer.

Originally conceived as an alternative to the local traditional costume, it is also used in combination with traditional outfits and has also found its way outside of Helsingland. From traditional outfit to rock’n’roll – a kilt is an all-in-one garment for people all over the world that you can wear for any occasion. It works just as well in the local pub as at a wedding.

Dellenkilten is for those that want a high quality kilt with a tartan inspired by one of the most beautiful areas in Sweden – Dellenbygden.

You may see this as a result of a Scandinavian and Scottish relationship that our ancestors started a thousand years ago.

Mikael Öst

Foto: Carl Öst Wilkens

Only the best is good enough

The kilt is made from 100% 16oz wool woven in Scotland with weaving and trimming of the highest quality. Each kilt is customized individually for the perfect fit.

Before delivery to you the customer we always inspect the kilt locally here in Delsbo.

Mikael Öst

Mikael Öst